The happiest of couples

I have been thinking recently about exactly what it is that I like so much about weddings: it’s the commitment, it’s the party of a lifetime, but more than that I love seeing the range of joyful emotions on the faces of the bride and groom/bride and bride/groom and groom – they’re not called the ‘happy couple’ for nothing!

There’s excitement..

Image credits: Emily Blake Photography, Austin Gros, Dillon Phommasa, Michael Radford PhotographyLydia Jane, Feather & Stone, Jake Holt PhotographyMcAvoy Wedding Photography, Kate Crabtree Photography, Tirzah Photography

..there’s joy..

Image credits: Austin Gros,  Chloe Moore PhotographyAlec Vanderboom, Chloe Moore PhotographyJana Williams, The MelideosHitched Studios, Juno PhotoPaper AntlerAmy and Stuart, Love Katie + Sarah

..and there’s love!

Image credits: Dillon PhommasaRoss HarveySolar Photographers, Theilen Photography, Britt CroftKT MerryMartin Phelps, Nikita Gross Photography

For how could you be anything but happy on the day you marry the love of your life!

Emily Blake Photography.jpg

Image credit: Emily Blake Photography

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