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Something Blue – Signature Cocktails

Every Tuesday is Blue Tuesday where we bring you cute and quirky ideas for that special something blue.
Do you already have yours? Let us know what it is in the comments!

Earlier on this blog we discussed the pros and cons of having a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception. A craze that more and more couples are now adopting is having one or two “signature” cocktails on offer during this hour. Either they’ll pick something seasonal; mulled wine for a December wedding or Pimms in the English summertime, or the bride and groom can pick their favourite cocktails to recommend!

Image credits: left by Erin Hession Photography (design by Celeste Stiller), right from Etsy shop ETRcreations

Going for a blue feature cocktail produces a very striking visual!

Image credits left to right: SwitzerfilmRon ManvilleAmy and Stuart PhotographyJulie MikosKate Preftakes Photography, Chrisman StudiosGreen Blossom PhotographyJanet Howard StudioMel Wilde Photography

We’ve even found some recipes for you for these three cocktails so you can try them at home yourself!

Image credits: left from liquor.com, middle from laylita.com, right from somethingturquoise.com

Liquor.com has a wonderful recipe for a champagne based cocktail called Diamond Blue which also contains gin and blue curacao – that’s sure to pack a punch! Laylita.com brings you the fruity Kiwi Blueberry Mojito perfect for a summery outdoor wedding, getting one of you five-a-day cancels out the alcohol.. right? Lastly but certainly not least somethingturquoise.com has the recipe for the lovely looking Caribbean Mist, we can imagine this being perfectly matched to a turquoise themed wedding!


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