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Would you… include your pet in your wedding?

Would You?  sees our two bloggers debate either side of a wedding related issue. You can then vote for your opinion.
This week we’re looking at whether or not there is a space for your four legged friend in your wedding!
Feel free to write in the comments who you agree with and any other thorny wedding issues you’d like us to tackle next!


(C) Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015

Photo by Dana Cubbage

It has always been my intention that by the time I make my way down the aisle my fiance and I will already be parents… to at least two if not more rescue dogs.

Dogs have been a large part of my life since I was born and there are endless stories of me climbing into dog beds with my grandparents’ incredibly patient and long suffering Labradors before finally getting my own loveable loon of a Poodle five years ago. Given that weddings are a time for friends and family, I can’t quite imagine my big day without my pets there.

Now it’s fair to say that including a pet in your wedding is a big undertaking that will involve a lot of responsibility and not a little compromise but at the same time, isn’t that a big part of having a pet in the first place? We’ve all made the impromptu garden runs during toilet training, we’ve learnt not to put anything edible within nose or extended paw’s reach and we have come to understand that ‘clean’ is an enjoyable but short-lived state. The concessions we make for pets on our wedding day are just part of the planning process and they’re not insurmountable. If you really want your pooch present you’ll be more than willing to consider the need for pet friendly venues, transport, a few watchful eyes and a quiet place to escape from all their fans.

And remember, including your dog in your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean making them ring bearer, ‘Best Dog’ or teaching them a choreographed dance. If your dog has a propensity for mischief you can keep them at the back of the ceremony with a friend (I promise you, there will be volunteers) and then include them in your wedding photos or play games with them at the reception.

Obviously as a responsible pet owner, it’s important to consider your pet’s needs on the day so we’d advise taking a peek at some of the great advice from Caitlin Ultimo on Petcha who included her dogs, Dodger and Daisy, in her wedding.


Snap Weddings

Photo by Snap Weddings

I absolutely adore my 10 year old ‘puppy’, a now slightly decrepit and smelly brown Labrador, but as much as I would wish it to be so I can’t see a place for him (or indeed any pet) in my wedding day.

First off lets factor in that you would need to ensure your venue was pet-friendly. Outdoor weddings probably wouldn’t have to worry about this but as we have said before, not all couples want to take the gamble of betting on dry weather! It is difficult enough to find a good, affordable, theme-appropriate location for your wedding without having to dismiss a ton of them because they won’t let Fido in!

Next you need to think about who is going to be in charge of your four-legged friend while you’re busy actually doing the whole getting married part. You know that scene in He’s Just Not That Into You where Jennifer Aniston’s character is escorted down the aisle by the family dog? Funny bit of the movie right? Well now just imagine you are that bridesmaid at your friends wedding. It suddenly doesn’t become such an easy thing to ask someone! Sure you could pay a dog sitter to help out but that also means another head at your £80-a-plate dinner!

What about your guests? Are you confident they are all okay with animals? It might well be “your day, your way” but you don’t want to be giving someone an asthma attack because they didn’t realise that they needed to bring anti-histamines with them!

All in all I think it’s a safer, easier and less-stressful option to not give yourself another thing to worry about, and that doesn’t mean you have to exclude them altogether! Why not include your furry friend in your engagement photos, or have them as a part of your save the date? They could also suit up to help you in your getting ready photos like in the gorgeous photo taken by The Grovers.

There are also great ways to have them ‘there’ at your wedding day without being physically present: I love the framed photo and doggy-favours!

Image credits: Finnegan Photography, Jason Webster Photography, Brooke Images, The Grovers, StudiOsnapAmelia and Dan Photography




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