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Falling in love with an Autumn wedding

The most popular time of year for couples to tie the knot is between the months of May and August, which makes perfect sense. It’s warm and sunny, you’ll have better luck with outdoor ceremonies or receptions and you’re a little less likely to be rained on (in England chances are still fairly high). I had always assumed I’d get married in May, it’s not quite in the full swing of summer so there’s still that fresh spring time atmosphere and it’s the month of not one but two convenient bank holiday weekends.

Then I stumbled upon one photo of a couple surrounded by falling leaves and thus begins the story of how I fell in love with Fall.

Genevieve Leiper

Photo by Genevieve Leiper

From a practical stand point I did a little research, by which I mean I looked out of the window. It is currently June in the city of London and it has been raining for three days. I am hopping on a plane later today to attend a wedding in the North (my third of the season this year) and I do not have high hopes for the weather. It also rained at the last wedding I was at three weeks ago… Essentially on this fair island the weather waits for no one and you could have a blisteringly sunny October wedding or find yourself dragging your train through puddles in August.

So then I wondered, just how significant is the cost difference in having a wedding in Autumn? Firstly venue hire rates can drop by £500-£1,000 if you opt to have your ceremony and reception off season. On top of this you’ll save money on hotel accommodation and travel if your wedding is away from home.

So you could save yourself a good £1-1,500 and while chances are greater, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a particularly damp day. But Autumn weddings just aren’t the same, right?

Right, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Firstly Autumn is a beautiful time of year in it’s own right. The rich colour palette of reds, oranges and golds, the carpet of crunchy brown leaves, Autumn is the perfect time for a warm, rustic wedding.

Photo credits: Left by Emily Faulknor Photographers, Right by  Duffy Photo and Film

Autumn is also a great season for style! Fall generally favours the more unorthodox or modern groom with a palette of charcoals, chocolates, maroon, green and navy. Checks and tweed are also popular at this time of the year adding to the folksy feel.

Bridal parties can also benefit for the warmer Autumn colours in jewel shades of ruby and emerald to make them stand out.

Photo Credits: Top Left by Ryan Ray, Top Left by Neil Jackson Photographic, Middle by Luna Blue Studio, Bottom Left by Glasser Images, Bottom Right by Zoom Theory Photography

Admittedly Autumn might not be best season to go sleeveless but lucky for you we’ve got a list of great cover ups for your girls, and as for the bride there are loads of creative ways to keep cosy in the fall. I love these cute lumberjack shirts as a unique alternative to a shawl or cardigan!

Photo Credits: Left by Lisa Fitts Photo YES, Right by Cory + Casey

So here we are, at the image that started it all (Top Right). The leaf toss. I love how this simple take on the confetti toss makes me remember being a child and chucking leaves all over my friends, sister, dog, anyone I could catch basically… It’s such a cute and nostalgic take on tradition. It’s also pretty cost effective as these leaves are everywhere and it’s also good for the environment. Win win!

Photo Credits: Top Left by Heather Kincaid, Top Right by Vlad Gherman, Middle Left by Aaron of True Photography, Bottom Left by Jennifer Weems Photography, Bottom Right by Lara Hotz Photography

Autumn also provides a beautiful backdrop for your more standard wedding shots. I love how the brides always stand out against the red and brown foliage!

Photo Credits: Left by Leonardo Photography and Video, Right by Darren Wong (Art director – Thao Dang)

As I mentioned earlier, off season weddings can get a little chilly, especially towards the end of Autumn and this is a great excuse for a cuddle. Snuggle up in a rug for some intimate wedding shots and help your friends keep comfy by offering them out as favours. You can embroider them with the date of the big day or just attach a cute quote or phrase on a tag.

Photo Credits: Top Left by Sarah Kathleen Photography, Top Right by Whole Heart Studios, Bottom Left by W&E Photographie, Bottom Right by Leslie Walker Photography

The night is also starting to close in a little earlier in autumn but that’s just another great opportunity for the use of one of my favourite inventions, the fairy light! Deck your reception space with strings of tiny bulbs and watch the whole place sparkle. For an extra rustic feel you could use tea lights in mason jars or, if you have an outdoor space, a fire pit of crackling logs for everyone to sit around. A really unique idea is to hand your tea lanterns out as place cards to help guests light their tables!

Photo Credits: Top Left by Dianna Hart Photography, Top Middle by Sarah Hearts, Top Right by Lark Photography, Bottom Left by A Lovely Photo, Bottom Right by Colin Cowie

As we all know, Autumn is the season of harvest and Thanksgiving so I’ve picked out a veritable feast of canapes and comfort food that suit a Fall wedding spread. From tiny tomato soup shots to mini pumpkin pies, festive foods are the way to go. With so many classics on offer from pigs in blankets to the iconic smore it’s hard to go wrong with your Autumnal catering choices.

Photo Credits: Top Left by Jen Jar Photography, Top Middle by My Baking Addiction,  Top Right by Stephanie Smith Photography, Bottom Left by Jesse Rashotte, Bottom Right by Set Free Photography

So maybe we have to take mojitos off the menu for a Fall wedding… but there are still some great options for your cocktail hour. Why not offer hot cider, mulled wine or a hot toddy to your guests? You could even bring in a craft beer bar in the spirit of Oktoberfest.

For little ones or those abstaining why not set up a hot chocolate bar with different flavoured chocolates and a marshmallow station?

Photo Credits: Top Left by Half Orange Photography, Top Right by The Melidios, Bottom Left by And Now This, Bottom Middle and Right by SweetScarletDesigns on Etsy

Maybe the best bit of an Autumn wedding is a big send off with sparkle (literally). Get a head start on Fireworks night with your own sparkler send off!

Matt Martin

Photo by Matt Martin Photography

These are a picture perfect opportunity for your guests to send you off in style and if you’re quick, you might be able to create some fantastic images like the amazing LOVE photo below!

Photo Credits: Top Left by True Photography, Top Right by Alison Conklin, Middle right by Nina Vartanava, Bottom Left by Jennifer Van Elk Photographers, Bottom Right by Flawless Photography




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