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Something Blue – Insoles

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The love/hate relationship between woman and shoe is one that I won’t attempt to define and probably couldn’t if I did…

Much like a wedding dress, there are a lot of questions surrounding the wedding shoe. How high should the heel be? You want to look like a statuesque goddess but you’d also quite like to minimise the risk of falling flat on your face… What colour should they be? Are these shoes the stars of the show or part of your supporting cast? And finally, how on earth are you going to survive anywhere up to seventeen hours without kicking them off in a fit of acute discomfort?

Insoles are by no means a new invention. Gel pads have been the cushy comforting friend of women the world over for quite some time but they’ve always been a functional rather than decorative addition. Alice Bow is changing all of that.


Credited with helping ease the feet of the Duchess of Cambridge and bridal fashion icon Kate Middleton, Alice Bow create leather insoles for both heels and flats to keep you and your heels dancing through the night and best of all their insoles come in a range of colours including three shades of blue!

The Alice Bow insoles in ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘Aqua’. ‘Bridal Blue’ is featured in the headline image of this post.

If you’re looking for a subtle and supportive Something Blue, these insoles may be just the thing to accompany those Valentinos you’ve been eyeing up..


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